Want to feature your work on our Blog?

We welcome submissions from existing partner organizations, like-minded experts in the field, and students on topics related to how to do development well. 
Examples of content Emanate will feature:
  • articles or reflections by field practitioners to share insights from their work
  • research studies
  • invitations to webinars or events that would benefit our followers
  • relevant training materials  
  • video or auditory content
If you, or your organization would like to feature content on our platform, please email it to: [email protected]
Please ensure the content is:
  • in an editable document (ideally a word or google doc)
  • not under any copyright prohibitions
  • includes any photos or other pertinent logos 
The CEO and Advisory Board retain the right to discern which content aligns with the mission, and to make adaptations to the material if necessary. Any and all adaptations will be communicated with the content producer before being made public.